PrinceGasの仕組み カンタン取り付け 低コストを実現 安心のアフターケア
The Prince Gas System (PGS)
The PGS is a breakthrough gas-fuel system that allows a conventional gasoline-powered vehicle to run alternately on either liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or compressed natural gas (CNG). Thus, you need not worry about being stranded if your car should run out of gas fuel, because you shall be able to continue driving on gasoline fuel.
The Prince Gas System (PGS)
What is the bi-fuel system?
bi-fuel system
The bi-fuel system
The Prince Gas system is a bi-fuel system that perfectly stops the injection of gasoline fuel into a conventional car engine to let the engine be powered solely by gas fuel. The timing when switching over from using gasoline fuel to gas fuel whilst driving, and the right amount of gas to be injected into the intake manifold, are perfectly regulated by the control unit.
The LPG/diesel bi-fuel system. (Now being developed)
Diesel-powered vehicles are increasingly being used in Europe. We are now developing a clean low-cost bi-fuel system that will allow a conventional diesel-powered vehicle to run alternately on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).
The Space-saving gas fuel tank.
The Prince Gas system features a space-saving gas fuel tank. Space is usually limited beneath the trunk compartment of conventional gasoline-powered vehicles, due to the presence of a large fuel tank. Our variously designed small-sized gas fuel tanks can be installed on almost any make, model and year of car.
From Germany, an eco-developed country
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